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The Consorzio Molluschicoltori di Olbia is the owner of the R.A.S. State Concession, for a total of 150.43 meters of water surface, released on 23.06.2017 following the announcement of public notice Det. 26530/2375 del 23.12.2014. The assignment is for 15 years until 2032.

The farms are located in the Gulf of Olbia, in the north-eastern part of Sardinia, better known as Costa Smeralda. The waters are pure and transparent and are always in first place in the vacation desires of millions of people around the world.

The official monitoring of the waters by the Health Authorities is supplemented by the withdrawals of our Self-Control Plan, carried out weekly for microbiological and chemical analysis.

The presence of strong currents and winds allows a continuous exchange and recirculation of the waters, favoring their oxygenation.

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